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ASG located in the Inland Empire of Souther California is a leader in quality wrestling. ASG offers Freestyle Wrestling, Folkstyle Wrestling and Greco Roman wrestling.

Freestyle Wrestling is a common practice worldwide and is an Olympic event. In Freestyle wrestling, two wrestlers attempt to win the match by displaying control and/or mastery of their opponent.

Folkstyle Wrestling is used in American high school and college wrestling. Folkstyle rules differ greatly from Olympic freestyle wrestling. American high school and college wrestling is more accurately termed "American Folkstyle". Folkstyle wrestling employs different weight classes from international freestyle. 

Roman-Greco wrestling is a common practice in worldwide and Olympic events. Roman-Greco wrestling rules state that legs can not be touched. Roman-Greco wrestling consists mostly of throws, which are similar to Judo throws.

ASG teaches Jiu Jitsu/Grappling the individual components of each technique and then learning how to orchestrate them into a sequence to get the final product. ASG emphasis the following:

  1. technical knowledge
  2. coordination of different body parts
  3. timing
  4. sensitivity to using the proper technique
  5. basic strategy
  6. small precise movements
  7. development of mental attributes
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