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ASG - Karl Glover - Wrestling - Escapes

Episode 28 features one of the most important concepts of wrestling -- the escape. The basic stand up is covered in great detail. Also addressed is a move that Karl believes should not be practiced ho...



Glovers OUTLAWS is one of Southern California premiere MMA fight teams located in Moreno Valley, Southern California . Currently the MMA fight team consists of 10 amateur and pro fighters who compete in mma fights in Southern California, Texas, Washington, Oregon, Utah, Nevada and Sweden. ASG MMA fighters receive daily training in Jiu-Jitsu, Grappling, Boxing, Wrestling, MMA along with intense conditioning exercises that will develop a fighter into a champion. 

Glover's OUTLAWS also has a boxing team who compete in USA Amateur Boxing in Southern California. The boxing team works daily in Academy of Striking & Grappling boxing classes, where they work hard to perfect their boxing skills. Along with amateur boxers, ASG also has pro-boxers who have competed throughout the Inland Empire and Southern California.

Glover has trained MMA fighters who have fought in the UFC, King of The Cage, Rage in the Cage and many other mma fight venues. MMA fighters cross train daily in boxing classes, jiu-jitus, wrestling and Muay Thai. ASG is one of only two MMA training gyms located in Moreno Valley. Although there are many MMA training gyms in Southern California, the Inland Empire, and Moreno Valley ASG is one of the few that offer what is called an open schedule with low non contract based pricing. 

Glover's OUTLAWS are always looking for new boxers and MMA fighters, so if your not afraid to train like a world class fighter then Academy of Striking & Grappling is where you need to be. Coach Glover has trained many fighters who have been or are currently in the UFC, if being a MMA, UFC champion is your goal then Coach Glover can take you there.

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