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Are Energy Drinks for You?
Why is a Manager necessary for MMA Fighters and Boxers?
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Are Energy Drinks for You?

Are Energy Drinks for you?
Since 1997 when Red Bull was first introduced to the market,energy drinks have become a staple in America’s diet.  Red Bull, Monster, Rockstar, are just a fewthat you will see in the hands of Athletes, MMA Fighters, Trainers, Boxers,Adults, Teens and even pre-teens; look in the recycle bin of your localtraining facility and you will find several empty containers of energydrinks.  Energy drinks are consumed onthe drive to the gym to train, at the gym before training, during training andon the way home from training.

Why is a Manager necessary for MMA Fighters and Boxers?

Why is a Manager necessary for MMA Fighters and Boxers?
When an amateur MMA Fighter or Boxer turns pro they havetheir Coach/Trainer in their corner, preparing the Fighter for their profighting debut, but who is behind the scene preparing the Fighter for the businessof being a professional Boxer or MMA Fighter? Often it is the Coach/Trainer who books the fight, negotiates thecontracts and everything else is left to the Fighter to take care of himself.
Academy of Striking and Grappling over the past 8 years hastaken many amateur and pro Boxers and MMA Fighters to compete in fights bothlocally and throughout the United States, each and every time a Fighter for ASGcompetes not only is the Coach/Trainer there, but the Manager is also thererepresenting the Fighters.

Why Practice?

Is practice really important, I mean after all you havelearned your skill and have won a few MMA fights or some Boxing Matches or afew Wrestling tournaments so why do you need to practice every day?  To be a good competitor is all I have to dois learn the skills and I will become a champion from there. 
In gyms throughout the world you will find athletes practicingtheir skills; as they say practice makes perfect, but is that true?  Should it be perfect practice makes perfect.

How Important is Proper Nutrition to A Competitor:

As a competitor, rather it is professional/Amateur Boxer,Wrestler, or MMA Fighter it is important to understand that training is only one part of what it takes to be a champion: understanding contracts, public image, weight maintained, public speaking and nutrition are components of professional/Amateur competitor. Academy of Striking & Grappling located Anthe Inland Empire, Moreno Valley, Southern California trains their Boxer’s,Wrestlers, and MMA Fighters all components needed to be a successful competitor.


Are wrestlers taking over MMA Fighting?
Why do MMA Fighters with a wrestling background hold more titles in the UFC then MMA Fighters who do not have a wrestling background?  Sixty-five percent of the twenty UFC fighters who have reached round twelve in the NCAA tournament and beyond have been awarded fights for UFC titles. (By Mike Riordan on Jun 19 2012, Do Better Wrestlers Make Better Fighters?) There are currently more top ranked now or former MMA Fighters who have a wrestling background as compared to MMA Fighters who do not have a wrestling background.

What Makes A Champion?

It does not matter if you are a local, Moreno Valley, California MMA Fighter or if you are a World Class MMA fighter the training should always be the same, intense, long, hard and satisfying. There are 1,000’s of MMA Fighters but only 1% of those fighters will become World Class Fighters and the reason for that is the hard work that is required to be in the top 1%. 
MMA Fighters, Boxers, Wrestlers anyone who wants to fight must understand that it is a full-time job to train to be the best.  Fighting, competition becomes your first priority everything else must take a backseat to your training.

Obesity Rate on the Rise

The obesity rate in the United States is on the rise according to the CDC.  Academy of Striking & Grappling not only trains professional/amateur fighters we have developed training programs that will help to decreased the obesity rate in our community.   ASG provides classes in mixed martial arts for at risk children and adults. These classes will give the students the opportunity to learn how to stay physically fit how to set and accomplish goals and will prepare them to compete in the martial art of their choice. There are classes in boxing, wrestling, jiu jitsu, muay thai and a combined class of mixed martial arts. Along with the physical activity they will be attending fitness class and classes on nutrition. ASG believes that by providing these classes through mix martial arts it will increase the understanding of the importance of a healthy body and help the students to stay on task of achieving the goal of a healthy body.ASG (Academy of Striking & Grappling Association) was founded in July 2007. In January 2008 our programs were successfully implemented and we have had the opportunity to work with The City of Moreno Valley, The United States Army and The Riverside County Mental Health Department. We have been successful in building a program where our members have set goals and accomplish their goals through competition. In 2011 we sent 25 of our members who represented 6 Southern California High Schools and Elementary  schools to compete in USA Wrestling National Tournament held in North Dakota and USA Wrestling National Tournament in Idaho. All 25 of our students made the USA Wrestling National teams.ASG would like to continue our mission of serving our community (Inland Empire) Moreno Valley, Southern California in reducing the obesity rate through physical activities in non-traditional sports: Muay Thai, Wrestling, Boxing, Jiu-Jitsu-Grappling and MMA Training. 

Can training ever be to hard?

Had something funny happen this week, had a visitor asking if he could try a day of training with our local MMA Inland Empire fighters and I said sure, go right ahead.  He said that he was a pro fighter who has had several MMA fights throughout Southern California and had even fought in some major venues, great.  This gives me the opportunity to see how my fighters do against someone with experience.
He started in our 3rd class of the day, my MMA fighters had already trained in two classes before this one.
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